Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the questions we get asked the most.


What can I recycle?

Paper, card, steel tins, aluminium cans, plastic bottles.


How does the clear recycling bag scheme work?

The Parish provides clear recycling bags for households to recycle commodities like paper, light card, plastic bottles, aluminium cans and steel tins.


Why can’t I recycle all my plastic containers?

We cannot process low value plastics such as fruit, vegetable and meat trays or yoghurt and margarine tubs due to the complex machinery and high costs involved


Why is POSH using bags and not boxes?

One of the barriers to recycling is the lack of space to store several boxes for recyclables; therefore, we introduced bags which are easy to store. If you have a large amount of recycling you just use more bags. The bags were also seen as way of keeping the pavements clear of obstacles once collected


How often is my recycling collected?

Every fortnight on the same day as your refuse collection.


What happens if I have lots of recycling?

The clear bags are in rolls of ten; you can use as many bags as required but please think of the environment.


What do I do with my non-recyclables?

Your non-recyclable items are placed with your residual waste in your wheelie bin.


What do I do with electrical items?

Electrical items must not be put in with your residual waste. They can be taken to the La Collette Recycling Centre. For large electrical items such as TV’s and microwaves the Parish operates a collection service, details can be found on our website under bulky item collections.


What do I do with food waste?

If you have a garden you could compost raw fruit and vegetable waste. Other food waste should be put in your wheelie bin with your residual waste.


Why is it important to recycle?

Recycling saves the earth’s natural resources. It saves energy, e.g. recycling an aluminium can saves 95% of the energy needed to make a completely new can. It reduces the amount of waste being sent to the incinerator, thereby reducing gas emissions and production of ash which then has to be disposed of safely. To date the Parish has recycled over 6000 tonnes of waste


Why have we gone to a single clear bag?

Previously we used a red or a blue bag to partially segregate the recyclables. This still needed to be sorted by hand at the depot to separate cans from tins or paper from card etc. Collected bags were often only half full which led us to believe that a single bag would suffice. A single bag will half our consumption. According to the environmental organisation Clean Up Australia, which also states that enough petroleum to power a car for 1km goes into the production of just under 9 plastic bags, although our bags are 100% recyclable. Also, the use of a clear bag helps the collection staff recognise contaminants that could potentially spoil other collection bags.


Where should I put my glass?

The Parish has a number of glass bring banks across the Parish. Details can be found on the website under bottle bank locations Do not put glass in with your residual waste as this can cause damage to the incinerator.


What do I do with household garden waste?

Garden waste can be taken to the household green waste reception at La Collette.


Where do I put batteries and light bulbs?

Batteries can be deposited in the battery bank at the Town Hall or taken to the La Collette Recycling Centre, along with light bulbs.


What should I do with other metal items which are not steel cans or aluminium cans?

Metal items can be taken to La Collette Recycling Centre and must not be put with your residual waste.


What do I do with wood?

Wood can be taken to La Collette Recycling Centre.


Can I put large brown cardboard out with my recycling bags?

Yes, large brown cardboard can be placed alongside your recycling bags on collection day.


What happens if I put the wrong thing in my recycle bag?

If your recycle bag is seriously contaminated with the wrong materials we will be unable to collect it. This is because it will contaminate the rest of the load. We will leave the bags at your property with a yellow non compliance sticker attached. You must not use recycling bags for any purpose other than parish recycling.